Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kindergarten Bucket Fillers and Farm Unit!

I am amazed that we have already had a full month of school! The kindergarteners filled our bucket for the first time this year and they were very excited! To celebrate we had root beer floats and watched a farm book online!

Writers workshop has become one of our favorite times of the day! We have been working hard on creating a setting, characters and details in our stories. We have also been working on labeling our pictures with sounds we know! This week we learned that writers are good partners. Instead of choosing a few students to share in front of the class we shared our writings with a partner! It is fun to see the kindergarteners so proud of their writings!

In math we learned a new game called Race to Trace! We have been working hard on writing our numbers! This is a fun game the students play with partners that helps them to identify and write their numbers!

We have just finished our farm unit this week! The kids enjoyed learning about the farm. They learned all about a farmers job and animals on the farm!

At the end of the week the students each created a picture of what their farms would look like! Here are our pictures! They turned out great!

Each of the kindergarteners made a farm fact book about some of the animals on the farm! 

Just a reminder to send an apple with your kindergartener on Monday or Tuesday of this week! We will be starting our apple unit in discovery and will use the apples for several activities this week! Thank you!

Also, we will be going to Poppe's Pumpkin Patch in Lakefield, Minnesota on October 7th! This is  always a fun field trip for the kindergarteners! Please make sure to dress your child in weather appropriate apparel! I will be sending home more details about the field trip soon! 

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