Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hard to believe that there is only two weeks left of school! I have many pictures and highlights to share with you from kindergarten over the past month!

We wanted to wish all of our moms a happy mother's day! We made this video to tell you how much we appreciate everything you do for us! They had so much fun making the video and drawing the portrait of their mom :)

I also wanted to add some of the highlights from our last month in kindergarten!!

Here are some pictures from our rainforest unit that we have been learning about during discovery time!

We had a blast learning about Earth Day!! We learned all about why it is important to keep our Earth clean and recycle. We even had a chance to pick up some of the trash around our school. 

Lately after lunch the kindergarteners come in and say, "Mrs. Friederich can we PLEASE have some extra reading time today!" How could I ever say no to that!! It has been so much fun seeing how much they have grown to love reading over the year! They are becoming such great readers!

We have been learning about being bucket fillers all year long. As the end of the year is approaching fast I decided to have a end of the year bucket filling countdown. Every day that we are being good bucket fillers we will get a flip flop with a fun activity for the next day. They have been working extra hard to be bucket fillers! Here are a few of the activities that we earned last week in the bucket filling countdown! 

Write using pens instead of pencils!

 Enjoy Capri Sun with our snack for the day!

The kindergarteners did such a great job at their concert! Here are some class pictures I took from concert day! Also, the whole concert is uploaded on the homepage of our school website if you want to share it with family or friends!