Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall in Kindergarten!

Last week we learned all about the season Fall!

In math we made spooky fall math stories and had a pretend campfire to tell our stories around. I sent the haunted houses and ghost, goblins and pumpkins home so your family could tell spooky math stories and practice our math facts :)

In writing we made a class book about what we like to do in the fall. Then the students recorded their voices into a QR code and the students can read the book in the library. While they read they can scan the code with the iPad and hear each kindergartener tell their own story!

We enjoyed going on a fall walk to find different signs that fall is here. Here are some of the reasons the kids knew that it is fall. The kindergarteners took all of the pictures with the iPads!

Leaves are on the ground. 

The trees have no leaves. 

The Spirit Lake football players are playing on Friday nights. 

The trees are all different colors.

We love to throw leaves in the fall. 

Pumpkins are ready to be carved. 

This week we have been learning about spiders. The kids created their own spider and wrote one fact they have learned about spiders. 

After learning about how spiders spin their webs, we made our own giant spider web!

Charles came from the Nature Center to teach us all about spiders and their environments!

Oh yes and one more very exciting thing happened! We got our second postcard from our postcard exchange! We are doing a postcard exchange with the 50 states in the United States. We will send out 50 postcards one to each state and then we will receive a postcard from every state. So far we have gotten a postcard from New York and Oregon! The kids were very excited and cannot wait to learn about the next state!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Community Workers!

This week we have been learning all about community workers. We learned about the different types of community workers and discussed the ways that they care for our community. We created a story about community workers and how they help our community! The students were excited to create and share their book with you!

Here is our little bird tale book about community workers:

We took a trip to the fire department to learn about all about a firefighter's job. We had a chance to tour the fire truck, spray the fire hose and learn all about fire safety tips and plans! Here we are learning all about the fire truck and fire fighting equipment!

We had the chance to spray the fire hose that is used for grass fires!

The firefighters taught us how to stay low and go and to stop, drop, and roll!

We got to see a firefighter in full uniform!

We decided it would be a tough job to be a firefighter but it is a rewarding way to help our community. We made our own firefighter hats after visiting the station. 

Later in the week we had a visit from a Spirit Lake police officer. He taught us how to be safe and what  to do in case of an emergency! We even had a chance to see his police car and sirens!

To wrap up a great week in kindergarten we had some exciting news! On Friday our nine iPads arrived and we could not wait to get started using them. During math we had some time to explore the different learning apps on the iPad!