Monday, September 24, 2012

Fishing, Five Senses and Bucket Filling!

This has been a week full of fun adventures and learning! This week we had a chance to go to the fish hatchery to learn how to catch fish! We had a lot of success and excitement on our fishing trip! Here is a slideshow of us at the fish hatchery!

We have been learning about our five senses in Discovery this week! Last week we learned about touch, smell, and sight. In these pictures we did a smell test to see if we could figure out what the smell was without using our sight! We found out that some scents were good scents like peppermint and vanilla.


We also discovered that other scents were bad. Scents like onion and vinegar did not smell as good to the students!

We made touch grab bags to learn about the sense of touch! We played a game with our friends to see if they could guess the object we were thinking of in the bag only using their sense of touch!

To learn about sight we went for a sight walk. We were great investigators and found everything on our sight checklist!

One of the most exciting parts of the week was filling our class bucket! We have been working hard to earn pom poms since the first day of school! We were so excited to see the bucket fill all the way to the top! We celebrated with a Book Flix book on the big screen and a treat! What a great week in kindergarten!

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